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Provides  Services  And

Technologies  For

Creating  Better  Life

About Reak

Dalian Reak Science&Technology Co., Ltd. originated from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physicals(DICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), and founded by leading scientists and researchers from National Catalytic Engineering Center. 

Dalian Reak is a high-tech enterprises with emphasis on scientific research in new Energy Chemical and new material, along with R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical services. 

The company started in 2001, located in Dalian, China. Currently, Reak has two self-independent innovation R&D centers, National Catalyst Engineering Laboratory and Dalian New Energy Catalysts Center, two platforms, science research platform and technical service platform, two manufacturing plants, one full-featured pilot plant with area of 4000 square meters. 

Our R&D team personnel volume is up to 60 including scientists and researchers that enables Reak undertake national projects in energy related fields. Our multifunctional manufacturing plant is in national-level Chemical Industry Zone in Cangzhou, China. Total annual capacity for all series of catalysts is up to 20000mts. Product categories include catalysts and technical packages for ammonia synthesis process, methanol synthesis process, downstream products and basic chemical industry process. 

We take science and technology improvement as priority, credit as supremacy, innovation as responsibility. Service for customers and society is our unchanged power on the way for making better Reak. 

Message from

General Manager

Dalian Reak is focus on R&D, takes on new technical challenges, and provides better services on different fields from the very start. It is great honor to show our thanks to those who have been supporting, helping and walking with us. 

 After 18 years development, Dalian Reak has grown into R&D and commercial manufacturing center of new types of catalysts and technology solutions. Great progress has been achieved through new technical packages, industrialization service, cost-efficient improvement, and problem solving. Now, Dalian Reak is a leading catalyst and technology service provider in China. Hundreds customers have chosen Dalian Reak as their daily expert and solution provider. 

Technology finds a better life. Dalian Reak stands on service society in chemical field. Economic efficient, and environment friendly use of energy is our R&D direction. Finding and solving customers' problem is our duty and value. Meet Dalian Reak, meet a better world. 

Wish you good luck all the time and brilliant future. 

Huanwen Zhou(Mr. ) 

General Manager 

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