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Ammonia Synthesis Catalyst

RK-A202 Ammonia Synthesis Catalyst & RK-A202H Pre-Reduced Ammonia synthesis Catalyst 

General Description

RK-A202 is high activity lron-based catalyst for ammonia synthesis manufactured by Dalian Reak, which helps to save energy during production of ammonia. With RK-A202 the temperature and pressure needed for reaction between nitrogen and hydrogen to form ammonia can be lowered, which highly reduces the energy input.

The special structure of RK-A202 offers a larger surface area on which the reactions can be happen, increasing both stability and catalytic efficiency.
Furthermore, the catalyst RK-A202 can be supplied based on its oxide stated catalyst, and also supplied by pre-reduced and stabilized stated catalyst named RK-A202H according to plants' requirements, which required reduced time is only 20%~35% of RK-A202. The application of edge angel lapping in procedure of RK-A202H manufacturing decreased the pressure drop of catalyst bed layers.


RK-A202 Ammonia Synthesis Catalyst & RK-A202H Pre-Reduced Ammonia synthesis Catalyst is widely used for conversion of N2 and H2 to NH3 (ammonia) in worldwide ammonia plants using different ammonia synthesis technologies, The feedstock is involved with Natural gas, Coal gasification gas, and Coke-oven gas.

Technical Highlights


 Easily reduced and safe handing 

 High activity under condition of low temperature and low pressure 
 Wide range of operating temperature and pressure
 Excellent thermal stability and energy savings.
 High poisoning resistance