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Process and Catalyst


Dalian Reak has devoted to R&D on BDO catalysts used for acetylene and formaldehyde (REPPE) process since 2010. By the end of 2018, we successfully developed all range of catalysts used for acetylene and formaldehyde (REPPE) BDO process involved in Fe-Mo catalyst for formaldehyde synthesis, BYD catalysts for both INVISTA and ISP, and also Nickel-Based hydrogenation catalyst required in BDO synthesis.


  Fe-Mo Formaldehyde Catalyst. 

      It has been successfully used and industrialized in formaldehyde plant, catalyst performances such as unit methanol consumption, byproduct content, formaldehyde yield rate all meet plant design requirements and are equivalent to catalyst performance provided by Johnson Matthey and Clariant.


  BYD Catalyst Matched for INVISTA Process. 

      It has gained 2600 metric tons of total sales volume since successfully put on market in 2014. Currently, the market share ratio is more than sixty percent, and catalyst performance parameters are reached at world leading level.


  BYD Catalyst Matched for ISP Process.

      Using copper and bismuth as activity compounds supported on magnesium silicate carrier. Up to now, main suppliers for BYD catalyst matched for ISP process are BASF, Clariant and Dalian Reak, meanwhile, BASF is leader owns seventy percent of market share ratio.

As previously mentioned, ISP process brings about silicon loss in catalyst resulted from magnesium silicate as catalyst carrier, furthermore high investment cost created because of silicon removal stage required in ISP process. 

Dalian Reak improved catalyst performance and developed new inert compound as catalyst carrier replaced magnesium silicate, which contributes well solution to issues existed in ISP process that resulted from silicon loss in catalyst carrier, and then benefits cost efficiency for plant running.


  BDO Synthesis catalyst. 

     It comprises powder state Raney-Nickel based catalyst, particle state Raney-Nickel based catalyst and Ni-Al2O3 based catalyst. Dalian Reak has successfully developed BDO synthesis catalyst and achieved industrialized application in BDO plants, catalyst performances met designed requirements.