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RK-10 Series 


RK-10-4 High Temperature Shift (HTS) Catalyst

General Description

RK-10-4 is Fe-Cr based catalyst for CO high temperature shift. The catalyst is added sulfur resistance compound and high crushing strength carrier enabling CO shift conversion at temperatures range from 290℃ to 530℃.


The catalyst is mainly used for CO high temperature shift section, especially for various scales of ammonia plants, and also used in methanol plants and hydrogen plants.

Technical Highlights

High activity at lower temperature condition.

Optimized thermal stability enabling long lifetime.

Low steam gas consumption and wide operating temperature window.

Superior selectivity for lower by-products formation.

Poisoning resistance in case sulfur could enter the conversion system.

RK-10-5 Low Temperature Shift (LTS) Catalyst

General Description

RK-10-5 is Copper-Zinc oxide catalyst with alumina, the catalyst features high CO shift conversion over their long lifetime.

Special promoters added enables low by-products formation without reducing catalyst activity and stability for water-gas shift reaction. Furthermore, excellent poison resistance and mechanical strength results long lifetime benefits for worldwide end-users.


The catalyst is mainly used for CO low temperature shift section at 175℃ to 260℃, especially for various scales of ammonia plants with feedstock made by natural gas, and slso hydrogen plants in worldwide.

Technical Highlights

High mechanical strength, especially in reduced state to results in low pressure drop.

Superior activity and stability for frequent start-up and shut-down.

High poison resistance capacity.

Lower by-products formationby special promoter added.