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EG Dilute Nitric Acid Wastewater Treatment 

Process and catalyst

EG dilute nitric acid wastewater treatment process and catalyst

  1. Application

RK-21 dilute hydrogen nitrate reduction catalyst is developed and manufactured by Dalian Reak Science & Technology Co., Ltd, which is exclusively used for hydrogen nitrate reduction process of effluent of EG manufacturing process.


  2. Catalyst physical properties

RK-21 Dilute hydrogen nitrate reduction composition:

Special carrier, Precious metal

Appearance: small black particle

Size: 3-8mm

Bulk density: 0.8±0.2 Kg/L

Crushing strength (Average value): ≥40 N/particle


  3. Reaction principle

Principle reaction equation:



  High catalyst selectivity, No nitrocarbol and other by-products that impact EG main process generated in process of catalyst using