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RK-05 Series 

Methanol Synthesis 


RK-05 Methanol Synthesis Catalyst

General Description

On the basis of synthesis process for worldwide methanol plants, we recommend our well proven RK-05 synthesis catalyst for MEGA methanol plant. 



RK-05 catalyst Copper Zinc Oxide Catalyst for methanol synthesis from feedstock made by following:

   Natural gas 
   Coke oven gas 
   Coal gasification gas 

Technical Highlights

RK-05 catalyst increases plant profits for each application based on following advantages. 

   High activity and long life stability
   Promoted mechanical strength
   Excellent selectivity
   Outstanding space-time yield 
   Acceptable operating temperature range
   Easy installation and reduction 
   Excellent performance for LURGI Shell-and-Tube reactor and CASALE Water-Cooled reactor for methanol feedstock from natural gas.
   High poison tolerance against sulfur and chlorine. Long lifetime 6-8 years.