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Product List

RK-05 methanol synthesis catalyst is applicable for low pressure methanol synthesis process based on synthesis gas made from natural gas, coal gasification gas, coke-oven gas, refinery tail gas as raw materials.

RK-22 is suitable for oxalate hydrogenation in ethylene glycol synthesis process.

RK-07 DME catalyst is definitely acceptable by plant users based on high activity, superior selectivity, excellent service life, easy operation procedure and low unit consumption.

RK-15A butynediol synthetic catalyst is a kind of alkali type copper carbonate catalyst, which is suitable for the synthetic reaction of producing 1,4-butynediol with formaldehyde and acetylene. 

RK-09 series methanation  catalyst is used in the methanation process of coal to natural gas and coke oven gas to nateral gas.

RK-11 series pre-reforming catalyst is used for primary reforming for CH4 steam reforming to CO and H2.
RK-21 nitrate reduction catalyst is used for the reduction and utilization of low concentration nitric acid in the process liquid during the production of ethylene glycol.
RK-06 formaldehyde synthesis catalyst is used to produce formaldehyde by air oxidation with methanol as raw material.
RK-30 series purification catalyst.