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Integrated resources and data to analysis development prospect of serviced industry, then supply all kinds of high quality catalyst to customers.

Utilized internet technology and running data from methanol plants, calculated key data by computer so that control the catalyst running condition, then achieve the best service condition and economic affect.

Set a technology and information exchange bridge, make end-uses feel a strong and professional team guarantee their manufacturing and obtain powerful technology supprot, which replaces passive by active service.

Reak Company employs a wide range of highly qualified personnel and provides following services throughout the catalyst lifetime. 

Catalyst R&D, manufacturing, strictly quality control, and cargo delivery. 

Considering free of charge for providing technical representatives on site for round the clock supervision of catalyst loading, start-up and reduction activities. All these activities would be done under procedures approved by the technical representatives. 

Monthly performance evaluation of the catalyst performance and recommendations of improvement or corrections are to be provided. 

Prompt remote assistance (phone call/e-mail) to queries for troubleshooting. On site assistance free of charge could also be requested. 

Plant optimization and operating training. 

Technical assistance for troubleshooting. 

Sampling and analysis. 

Yearly official invitation for purchaser management team to visit Dalian Reak catalyst R&D center and plant to know how catalyst manufacturing, analysis, performance testing, quality control system etc. 

Technical services provided as above will be supported by skilled engineering team and experienced personnel who have been working in Dalian Reak around 15 years.